We are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

We are currently experiencing technical issues and our phones / network / email are all currently unavailable,...
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Holiday Operating Hours

To all our valued customers: All Depot locations will be closing early on Monday December 24,2018. Our...
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PrixCar reopens in Canberra

We are proud to be returning to Canberra with a depot presence and are looking forward to providing customers...
prixcar loading car on truck
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How to Transport a Car across the Country

Relocating from a small country town? Between capital cities? Chances are you'll be wanting to think...
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We’ve Updated Our Car Transport Quoting System

We’re pleased to announce, together with out development partners Semantia, an update to our quoting...
Preparing your 4wd for transport
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Preparing Your 4WD for Transport

We do our utmost to protect your vehicle, but it is worth preparing your car well to minimise the risk...
Factors affecting car transport cost
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How are Car Transport Costs Calculated?

One of the most frustrating thing for most people is that they don't understand how shipping rates are...
PrixCar Transport Booking System
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New Car Transport Booking System Launched

We’re pleased to announce, with technology partner Semantia our new Online Booking System for your...
preparing your car for transport
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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

A very small percentage of vehicles transported sustain any measurable damage and whilst we do our utmost...
Quarantine Inspection Checklist for Travellers
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Interstate Quarantine Checklist for Car Transport

We do our utmost to protect your vehicle but sometimes factors that may affect our service to you is...
preparing your motorcycle for transport
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Preparing Your Motor Cycle for Transport

We do our utmost to protect your vehicle, but it is worth preparing your motorcycle well to minimise...
Tips for Vehicle Transport in Australia
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7 Helpful Tips For Vehicle Transportation in Australia

Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, boat, campervan or other vehicle, here are some helpful tips for transporting...
Get Your Car Moved For You While You Get Your Family Safely to Your New Life
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The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Car Transport Company

Choosing the right car transport company can be tricky. But it needn’t be. Apart from online reviews...
cost to transport a car
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How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Car?

It's one of the most common concerns people have when it comes to car transport. "How much does it cost...
Removed Carbon Tax
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We’ve removed the Carbon Tax from Quoted Prices

Our promise to PrixCar Transport retail and business customers. We are pleased to announce a reduction...
PrixCar acquires Toll Auto Logistics and Autotrans Express
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PrixCar Services Acquires Toll Auto Logistics & Autotrans Express

A Brief History of Autotrans Express On 31 July, 2012 PrixCar Services Pty Ltd acquired Toll Auto Logistics...
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Is Car Transport Really Worth It?

In virtually every industry, myths and truths exist about the quality of service and expectations and...
How to transport a car interstate
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How To Transport a Car Interstate

When you transport cars from one state to another, it’s a good idea to consider the experience...
Fuel Tax
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Car Transport and Fuel Surcharges

The rising cost of fuel is enough to drive many transport operators to the brink. Transport operators...
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Choosing the Best Car Transport Company

One of the most difficult tasks in deciding a car transport solution is choosing a company that is reputable...
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Why Using A Car Transportat Company is a Good Idea

You may be wondering why transporting your car is a good idea when you bought your car for one purpose...
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Deciding On A Car Carrier

With so many different car carrying companies out there, how do you decide which one to trust with your...
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The Best Way To Transport Prestige Cars

Your car is your prize possession and you would like it to be handled with care and safely transported....
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Obtaining A Car Transport Quote

People all over world use the Web to get quotes for all sorts of things and car transport is no exception....