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Are you looking for car transport from Cairns to Perth instead?

Car Transport from Perth to Cairns

From $1878*

Car Transport from Perth to Cairns

Normally $1976.84

From $1878*

It will take approximately 17 business days to transport a car from Perth to Cairns.

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Car Transport from Perth to Cairns. $1878
Perth to Cairns

We can automatically quote for many common and standard passenger vehicles online. If your car is uniquely yours or has a special significance, please contact PrixCar on 1300 660 616.

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As a company committed to excellence in vehicle transport services Australia-wide, excellence in helping you relocate your vehicle from Perth to Cairns is what we offer you.

Highest quality car transport from Perth to Cairns

If your vehicle is different from a standard passenger vehicle or, if you have more specific requirements such as enclosed transport, just call and ask about it.

Car Transport Perth to Cairns
PrixCar Transport Services *Price current as at September 19, 2018

Our Customer Relations Officers can be reached on 1300 660 616 and they will be happy to answer all your car relocation questions and help explain the many car transport options available to you.

Were you looking for car transport from Cairns to Perth instead?