We’ve removed the Carbon Tax from Quoted Prices

Removed Carbon Tax
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Our promise to PrixCar Transport retail and business customers.

We are pleased to announce a reduction in the quoted prices following the removal of the carbon tax.

What has happened to the Carbon Tax?

On 17 July 2014, the Federal Parliament passed legislation to repeal the carbon tax from 1 July 2014. The Coalition Government has proposed a range of alternative measures to address climate change. Further information about the carbon tax repeal is available at Department of Environment website.

Below are some frequently asked questions that may assist you in understanding the impact of the removal of the carbon tax by the Federal Parliament.

Is PrixCar Transport planning to reduce its prices for retail and business customers?

Now that legislation has been passed to remove the carbon tax, as a PrixCar Transport retail or business customer you will see a reduction to the prices quoted for car transport. The pricing quoted now reflects any price reduction from the removal of the carbon tax.

What effect will carbon repeal have on my vehicle transportation costs?

We have worked through through the changes to our vehicle transport rates following the repeal of the carbon tax. All retail and business customers will see a reduction to prices quoted due to the carbon tax repeal.

And, whilst the carbon tax has been repealed and is no longer, we encourage a cleaner and sustainable future and hope you do too.