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Car Transport from
Melbourne to Perth

From $1040*

  • Depot-to-depot.
  • Standard passenger vehicle.
  • Estimated delivery in 7 business days.
*Some Conditions Apply

MELPER. Your price for car transport from Melbourne to Perth is 1040. Secure it with PrixCar Transport now.How much to transport a car from Melbourne to Perth. $1040 Melbourne to Perth

The price quoted above for priority car transport from Melbourne to Perth handled directly with PrixCar Transport Services.

Vehicles less than $80,000 in value and without modifications.

Car Transport from
Melbourne to Perth

Prices starting from $1040

28 Day Price Guarantee

Why get a Car Transport Quote?

Pricing can, and does, change depending on a number of factors including road conditions, government levies and taxes. But, if you get your car transport quote online now, we will lock in the price and guarantee for the next 28 days.

This means, if our costs go up, we will honour the quote we've provided you. But only when you get your vehicle transport quotes online or by calling our Customer Relations Department.

Need Help?

Our Customer Relations Officers can be reached on 1300 660 616 and they will be happy to answer all your car relocation questions and help explain the many car transport options available to you.

If your vehicle is different from a standard passenger vehicle or, if you have more specific requirements such as door-to-door transport, you can provide this information when you get an accurate quote for your vehicle transport. (It'll take less than 4 minutes.)

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